Why Empty Stone?

Look at this rock.  What do you see?Christian Outreach Ministries

Empty Stone Ministry, INC., is a 501(c)(3) non-profit Christian Ministry based in West Virginia.  Empty Stone Ministry, INC., is non-denominational and is not directly affiliated with any other church or ministry.  Our mission is to boldly share Jesus' radical message of love and help others recover the life of passion and joy that has been stolen by an enemy who opposes the freedom of our hearts.  Following Jesus' greatest command, we love God and we love others.  Everything else we do stands on those two pillars of faith. 

Empty Stone Ministry Inc

Want to help?  Your tax-deductible contributions help us in ministry outreach, provide scholarships to camps/retreats, and support other local organizations that serve those in need.  Empty Stone Ministry has no employees and is governed by a board of directors, all who graciously invest their gifts and talents for the growth of our Father's Kingdom in the hearts of men and women.

There is a story behind it, but for now just catch a glimpse of this:  We are all worn, beat up, fractured, and covered in scars and imperfections.  In the middle of it all waits a perfect, gaping hole of emptiness, one we can never seem to fill through our very best (and worst) efforts.

But Jesus answered, “I tell you, if these become silent, the stones will cry out!”

Luke 19:40

How many times a day do you lie to those who ask, "How's it going?"  How often does that deceitful four-letter word ("Fine") mask all of your frustration, disappointment, and resignation?  Friends, that groaning in your soul is the call of one who loves you and wants to restore you (Romans 8:22).  The offer is life.  We have so much more available to us.  And therein lies the target of this ministry:  To help men and women experience the restoration of their hearts and reclaim the life they were meant have.  For too long, you've partnered with lies that have hardened you to a lifeless, beat-up, exhausting existence.  Meanwhile, we struggle with the weight of an emptiness that haunts us.  For mercy's sake!  It's little wonder we are so drawn to television shows like The Walking Dead--that's what we've become!  However, look again at that empty space.  Step into it and follow the deafening whisper amidst the chaotic silence of a simple, beat-up rock.

That empty place was designed for something that will eclipse even your most desperate longings, friends.  But do you even want what Jesus offers?

Man finds it hard to get what he wants, because he does not want the best; God finds it hard to give, because He would give the best, and man will not take it.

George MacDonald

This is about finding the courage to step into the void, gathering all the fractured pieces of your life, and allowing the healer access to your deepest wounds.  Embrace what you've been missing--the joy, the strength, and the passion of all that's been lost.  Can you still dream?  Do you dare to risk hope?  Are you willing to reclaim your most sacred desires?  The offer is a life lived to the full.  Right here.  Right now.  Not just in the misty realms of the afterlife.  Jesus is calling you into a life worth living, a life of abundance (John 10:10).  We are on a journey to restore what has been lost, a mission to become LIVING STONES (1Peter 2:4-6).  That is the prayer of this ministry team.